Hibernian Festival Singers      Long Island, New York
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Please call Ronnie Allen 631-665-1371 to let him know, but here is some information for you!

Pre-Audition Information
Acceptance into the choir is by audition with our Director and Conductor, Christopher Bilella. You may attend up to four rehearsals prior to being auditioned. Our attendance requirements are strict, and once you begin attending rehearsals, you are expected to attend all rehearsals.
Our choir has multiple sections (Soprano I and II, Alto I and II, Tenor, and Bass I and II). If you are an experienced chorister and know where you belong, you may sing with that section until you are auditioned. If you are unsure, you should discuss it with the Director at the beginning so that you will be comfortable as you are learning our music. Following a successful audition, the Director will assign you to a section and will advise the section leader.
Prior to audition, it is your responsibility to ask when and where rehearsals are held. Our “regular” rehearsals are Thursdays at 7:30 pm at Bay Shore High School. However, that is subject to change depending on the Director’s schedule, the school’s calendar, etc. Once you have been accepted into the choir, you will be placed into our “Calling Post” system and will be advised by phone of any schedule changes.

Responsibilities of Active Members
1. Attendance at all rehearsals and sectional rehearsals is expected. Excused absences are allowed by advising your section leader by email or telephone call. If you cannot reach your section leader, then you should advise Pat Walker or Ronnie Allen. Failure to attend rehearsals may result in your not being allowed to perform at concerts. Attendance at the last 2 rehearsals before a performance is mandatory if you are to perform.
2. Recording of rehearsals. All members are expected to record the rehearsals for the purpose of practice in between rehearsals. Using this website is important too.  When you are accepted as a member, you will have access to the Members Only page, which will give you a wealth of information for your use.
3. All music and words must be memorized, except for Mass music.
4. Purchase music as needed. Music is obtained from our Music Librarian by request from your Section Leader.
5. Purchase the appropriate performance wear.
6. Pay annual dues (currently $125) in September of each year to your section leader.
7. Support and participate in fund raisers.

Board Members
President: Ronnie Allen
Director/Conductor/Newsletter Co-Editor:
Christopher Bilella
Vice President: Pat Walker
Recording Secretary/Calling Post: Molly Olsen
Treasurer: Robert Coletti
Asst. Director and Webmaster: Maire Aquilina
Librarian: Barbara Skeahan
Publicity/Newsletter Co-Editor: Janet Brennan
Wardrobe Committee Chair: Mary Ellen Walsh
Fundraising Committee Chair: Brian Maher
Membership Committee Chair:
Tax Consultant/Financial Advisor:

Music Committee:
Brian McCue, Chair
Joan Bielitz, Secretary
Sopranos: Kathleen Sullivan, Mary Ellen Walsh
Altos: Doris Emrick, Barbara Skeahan
Tenors: Brian McCue, Joe DiGiovanna
Basses: John Kiernan, Tom Plant

Section Leaders:
Sopranos: Eileen Maynard, Maureen McKean
Altos: Joan Bielitz, Anne Savitt
Tenors: Rich Maynard, Brian McCue
Basses: Dave Smith, John Sullivan

Pianist: Diane O’Neill
Pianist: Christopher Hopkins
Pianist: Katie Malpigli
Violinist: Christina Mendolia

Performance Wear
Bow tie (green/black)
Cummerbund (green/black
Black shoes
Green blazer
White shirt
Green tie
Black pants/shoes (fall/winter)
Black gown/black and white gown OR
Long black skirt with white blouse
Black hose and shoes
Pearl necklace/earrings
Short black skirt JUST below knee
Long or short sleeved blouse
Green scarf with ONE pin
Black hose* and shoes
*Columbus Day to April 15
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